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   To Siu Chiu, Partner


   Kowloon Bay Office

   Gordon, Partner

   Kenneth, Partner

   Ryan, Partner


   Yuen Long Office

   Elaine, Managing Director

   Tommy, Partner



   Kowloon Bay Office

   Tel:  +(852) 2759-3313

   Fax: +(852) 2759-7261


   Yuen Long Office

   Tel:  +(852) 2475-9131

   Fax: +(852) 2479-4172




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The characteristics of Hong Kong Profits Tax
   - Territorial Source Concept, only profits sourced from Hong Kong are taxable in Hong Kong
   - Simple tax system
   - Low tax rates
   - No capital gains tax
   - No tax on dividend income
   - Tax deduction allowed for all business expenses
   - Depreciation allowance for capital assets - 60% initial with 10% to 30% annual allowance
   - Capital expenditure on computers are 100% deducted
   - Allowance for Industrial building - 20% initial with 4% annual allowance
   - Allowance for Commercial building - 4% annual allowance
   - Building refurbishment to be allowed against tax over 5 years
   - Tax losses allowed to be carried forward for set-off against future profits without time restriction



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